When Do Flying Squirrels Have Babies

Flying squirrels typically have babies twice a year in the wild and three times a year in captivity. Breeding pairs should be provided with two nest boxes, and the female and male will stay together just before she gives birth. A few days prior to birth, the female will take up housing in a vacant nest.

The gestation period is about 40 days, and the babies are usually born with closed eyes and no hair. They have gliding membranes from birth. The babies will open their eyes at around 4 weeks of age and will be weaned at approximately 8 weeks.

When Do Flying Squirrels Have Babies

When Do Flying Squirrels Breed

The breeding season for flying squirrels varies depending on the species. For the northern flying squirrel, the breeding season typically occurs from late March through May, with some females possibly breeding later. The average litter size for the northern flying squirrel is smaller than that of the southern flying squirrel, ranging from 2-4, with extremes of 1-6. Females of this species are likely to only bear one litter per year.

The young flying squirrels are born weighing 5-6 grams (0.2 ounces) and their eyes are closed at birth. Their eyes typically open after 32 days, and they continue to nurse until they are approximately 60 days old. These young squirrels will begin breeding in their second year of life. The potential longevity of flying squirrels is not well-known, but some adults have been observed to survive for at least 4 years.

What Is the Gestation Period Of Flying Squirrels

The gestation period of flying squirrels is approximately 40 days. During this time, the female squirrel carries her babies before giving birth. After birth, the mother squirrel nurses her young for about two months until they are weaned. At around three months old, the baby squirrels begin to learn how to glide and explore their surroundings.

Flying squirrels typically live in groups of around eight individuals, and while both males and females are social, males are more likely to leave the group when they reach breeding age. Juvenile flying squirrels usually stay with their mothers for several months before venturing off on their own, and females may have their young with them for a longer period compared to other squirrel species.

How Many Babies Do Flying Squirrels Have

Flying squirrels typically have litters of 2 or 3 babies at a time, although they can give birth to as few as 1 or as many as 6 in a single cycle. The exact number of babies can be influenced by factors such as the mother’s health and the availability of food in the environment. After birth, the young flying squirrels eventually leave their family group to form separate groups once they reach maturity.

How Often Can Flying Squirrels Get Pregnant

Flying squirrels can get pregnant once or twice a year, depending on the species. Northern flying squirrels typically give birth once per year, resulting in a smaller population of this species. Southern flying squirrels, on the other hand, can give birth twice a year due to their two mating seasons.

However, there is no guarantee that squirrels will give birth during every birthing season, but if they do, it usually occurs around the same time each year.

Where Do Flying Squirrels Give Birth

Flying squirrels give birth in elevated nests that they construct above 1m from the ground. These nests can be found as high up as 18m. Flying squirrels build their nests using sticks, twigs, animal fur, feathers, and conifer needles. They may choose to build their nests in woodpecker holes, abandoned bird nests, tree cavities, or the crook of a tree branch.

While some species may have preferences for nest locations, most flying squirrels are not particular as long as the nests are high off the ground and provide protection from the elements and predators.

Where Do Flying Squirrels Make Their Nests

Flying squirrels typically make their nests in trees, but they do not usually build their own. Instead, they prefer to use nests that have been abandoned by birds or other squirrels. They will add leaves and other materials to these nests to make them more comfortable. Southern flying squirrels prefer woodpecker nests and natural tree holes, while northern flying squirrels prefer open nests and rarely use tree holes.

Do Flying Squirrels Mate For Life

Flying squirrels do not mate for life but instead practice polygyny, where one male mates with several females in a season. Different pairs of male and female squirrels mate each season to ensure genetic diversity. The female flying squirrel attracts males through pheromones and vocalizations, and the males compete for her attention by kicking at each other and swaying their hindquarters.

The female usually chooses the most dominant male as her mate, but sometimes she may select both a dominant and submissive male, leading to male rivalry.


How can you tell how old a baby flying squirrel is?

You can tell the age of a baby flying squirrel by looking at certain developmental milestones. Their ears typically open at 2 to 6 days old, they develop some fur by 7 days old, and their eyes open by their 24th or 30th day of life.

Are flying squirrels endangered due to their breeding habits?

Flying squirrels are not considered endangered due to their breeding habits, as they have the ability to reproduce and adapt to their environments effectively.

Do flying squirrel parents care for their babies?

Yes, both the male and female flying squirrel take part in caring for their young, providing them with food and protection until they are old enough to be independent.

At what age do flying squirrel babies start flying?

Flying squirrel babies will start gliding and learning to fly at around 10-12 weeks old, after which they will become fully independent from their mother.

How can I help protect flying squirrel babies and their habitats?

You can help protect flying squirrel babies and their habitats by avoiding the use of pesticides and preserving their natural environment, such as by maintaining mature forested areas with plenty of nesting sites and food sources.

How long do flying squirrel babies stay with their mother?

Flying squirrel babies typically stay with their mother for around 2-3 months before they are weaned and able to fend for themselves.

Are flying squirrels territorial when they have babies?

Flying squirrels are not generally territorial when they have babies, and multiple females may share the same nesting site to raise their litters.


In conclusion, flying squirrels typically have babies during the spring and summer months, with the exact timing varying depending on the specific species and geographic location. The process of mating, gestation, and birthing of baby flying squirrels is a fascinating and important aspect of their life cycle, contributing to the survival and growth of their populations.

By studying and respecting the natural breeding patterns of flying squirrels, we can help to ensure their continued existence and conservation. Additionally, knowing when flying squirrels have babies can also be useful for those interested in observing these intriguing creatures in the wild, as it provides insight into their behavior and habits during this crucial period of their lives.

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